2024 EBTA Conference

Where: Piramid de Arona, Playa de las Américas, Tenerife
Suggested airport – Tenerife South
When: 20 to 22 September 2024
Theme: “THE RIPPLE EFFECT: expanding hope“Visit Conference website for more information and registration


We kindly inform you about a possibility to obtain a Scholarship to make it possible for you to visit the Conference when meeting the Conference fee is a serious barrier for you.

  • Support of 300 Euro per person (each year) to participate in the annual EBTA Conference
  • Anyone can apply (members and non-members)
  • Applicants need to fulfil the following conditions:
  1. To complete an application form
  2. To establish personal contact with someone of the Conference task group (via Skype)
  3. Providing personal feedback after the Conference you attended for the EBTA Newsletter/Homepage
  4. EBTA will meet the costs for the Conference. This does not include your travelling or accommodation costs. 
  5. The Conference Task group will decide on the allocation

Organize an EBTA conference?

EBTA welcomes applications from solution-focused teams to host future EBTA conferences. An EBTA conference usually draws about 150-250 participants. The EBTA takes place every year at the end of September from Friday morning 09.00 until Sunday afternoon 12.30

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