Become a member of ebta!

EBTA membership has been updated with the new statutes in July 2013.

EBTA welcomes you and others who are in good professional standing in their country of origin, who have basic exposure to solution-focused training or the equivalent (minimum 20 hours) and do accept the purpose, goals and rules of EBTA.

‘Good professional standings’ means that you have a professional training related to helping, teaching or research professions. – This requirement is read broadly.

Associate membership is available to those with interest in and support of the purpose and goals of EBTA, but who do not meet the membership requirements. Associate members have the same rights and duties as members, except they do not have voting rights in the Members’ Annual Meetings.

members applications should be sent to:

required information:
academic training:
SF training (Hours and institute):

Payment details:

Annual membership fee: €50,00
IBAN: FR76 1695 8000 0114 3870 8601 238
EBTA, 61 rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris, France


With Membership you get:

  • Collaboration with like-minded professionals being your critical friends
  • The possibility to participate in task-groups to enhance solution focused ideas and practices
  • Support in spreading solution-focused ideas within EBTA and your network and area
  • Influence by voting rights
  • Discounts at EBTA Conferences in Europe 
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