SFA PubList by EBTA


Considering the growing interest in the solution-focused approach marked by a continuous increase in published papers with limited access to those outside of academia, in the late 1990s Dr Alasdair Macdonald started the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Evaluation List – an online collection of short summaries and references to empirical research relevant to the establishment and recognition of the approach.

Starting from 2018 the Research Task Group of the European Brief Therapy Association (EBTA RTG) has the privilege and responsibility to continue the maintenance of the list. We also extended it to include not only references to empirical research papers focused on outcome or process but also to papers concerned with theoretical discussions or instrument validation studies which can influence future research or reflect the development of the approach. With this aim, we actively seek to identify and collect references to published papers on the topic of solution-focused approach as it is applied, researched, or discussed in various settings, contexts, and countries with no language restrictions, as long as at least an abstract is available online.

The list contains references and links to publications on the solution-focused approach regardless of the field of application, i.e., therapeutic, educational, coaching, etc. The references are added to the website and categorized (by study/paper type, methodology, and research design for quantitative, respectively analysis method for qualitative studies) for a more convenient search or analysis.

The publications are identified by using Google Scholar alerts and searching academic databases, such as EBSCO, Science Direct, Scopus, and others. To be included in the SFA PubList by EBTA, a publication has to fall into one of the following categories:

  1. original empirical research on outcome, process, or examining links between variables, regardless of the methodology used;
  2. reviews, regardless of the methodology used;
  3. theoretical discussions or presentations of practice or intervention methods;
  4. measurement instruments’ development or validation.


  • The list is not an exhaustive one and includes only publications accessible to the EBTA RTG. If you have published an article or have come across one that is not on the SFA PubList by EBTA, please, send the reference with a link to: research@ebta.eu.
  • The SFA PubList by EBTA is free to use. Please give credit by citing the correct name and link of the list each time you use it for research, analytical or other purposes.


  • We thank the people who contributed to creating and maintaining the list in the past: Alasdair Macdonald, Dmitry Stebakov, and Evgeniya Kuminskaya.
  • Special thanks to Marie-Carmen Neipp and Mark Beyebach for giving us permission to update the SFA PubList by EBTA by using their collection of papers included in their review paper: Neipp, M-C., Beyebach, M. (2022). The Global Outcomes of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: A Revision. The American Journal of Family Therapy. https://doi.org/10.1080/01926187.2022.2069175
  • The current contributors and maintainers are: Andreea Żak, Rytis Pakrosnis, Elena Lavrova.

SFA PubList by EBTA

The List at a glance (last updated February 2024):

  • A total of 677 papers published between 1975 and 2024;
  • 540 empirical studies (421 quantitative and 119 qualitative or mixed methods), including 446 outcome studies, 45 process-outcome studies, and 31 process studies. 119 studies used randomized controlled trial design, 201 studies – experimental design with control/comparison groups, 78 – pre-test post-test comparison with no control design and 51 were case-studies or case analysis;
  • 48 reviews, including 34 systematic reviews, 16 of them being meta-analyses;
  • 89 theoretical papers.
AuthorTitleJournalDOI/URLYearStudy TypeMethodologyResearch designhf:tax:publication_yearhf:tax:study_typehf:tax:methodologyhf:tax:research_design
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