EBTA summercamp

The Summer Camp was canceled from 2020 till 2022 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We will be back soon with up-to-date info about the next Summercamp in 2023.


The EBTA summer camp can take place in different European countries and is organized by interested local networks.

Some senior SFBT practitioners share their professional know-how with younger practitioners, who want to promote solution-focused thinking and practices in their work and life surrounding.

Why Some younger practitioners expressed during the Vienna conference 2015 their hope that EBTA would promote ways for the older SF generation to be mentors for them. A Summer Camp offers a good way to do this in a relaxed atmosphere and place with enough time to reflect and share.


Up to 15 SF practitioners who promote solution-focused thinking and practices in their area and want to exchange experiences and are willing to contribute something to EBTA in the future. Doing Informal discussions of topics of interest, sharing SF know-how, working on materials, imagining the future in between cooking, swimming and playing games.

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